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Termite Extermination
Termite Extermination

Termite Extermination

Termite Control Treatment  options (as defined by Texas Department of Agriculture)

Full Treatment – Treatment of entire slab area in new construction before the slab is poured and or home is built. Typically referred to as a “pre-treatment”.

Partial Treatment- Treatment of most common entry points in existing construction (most structures fall into this category). Most common points being: Plumbing entrances, Cracks or joints in slabs, exterior foundation and interior foundation in crawlspace homes.

Spot Treatment- Treatment of one specific are where termites are entering. Most economical but also most risky. Not generally recommended because this treatment carries no warranty and termites tend to exploit an adjacent area.


Treatments for new construction generally have a five year warranty, and can be extended for subsequent years for an annual fee.

Partial treatments (original treatment price includes one year warranty) and can be extended annually as well. Wood destroying insects that are not covered are: Powder Post Beetles and Formosan and or “dry-wood” termites. Fortunately these types of pests are not common to this area. And would require specialized treatments if found.

Materials used

We use almost exclusively Termidor due its proven efficency and no odor formula. In some cases we may recommend certain baiting strategies in and around sensitive areas. Follow this link to access label data and information.