The Friends


The Crocodile

Everybody’s favorite crocodile, Larry the Crocodile, is Nancy’s long-timer sidekick. He has traveled the entire country from coast-to-coast and toured Mexico and Canada as well, all the way up to Newfoundland! He has his own Twitter account and describes himself as “Extremely handsome, smart, handsome, strong, handsome, eligible, handsome, and – yes, handsome”. Larry The Crocodile is proud to share his middle name with Alexander The Great, Winnie The Pooh, and Bob The Builder.


The Weasel

Waco the Weasel is so cute you won’t be able to stand it. He’s 4 ½ years old, loves eating peanut butter and cricket sandwiches, his Granny Weasel, and sunny days. Waco wants to be a lot of things when he grows up; a cowboy, an astronaut, a firefighter, a teacher, and somedays even a chef. But no matter what he finally decides to be we know he’ll be great at it because in a world where he can be anything, Waco most wants to be kind. We dare you not to fall in love with this sweet boy.


The Weasel

Lili is Waco’s big sister and is going to kindergarten with her smart and sassy attitude. She wants to be the boss in every situation, and is constantly learning that other people have opinions and she must sometimes let them have their way. She fights a lot with her brothers but they always make up because she knows how important it is to love those around her. She wants more than anything to be a princess, but she also loves math, so she’s lately thinking that math princess might be a thing.


Jane Goodall

Charlotte Jane Goodall is our singing sensation. She’s smart, beautiful and funny and loves Gospel music. Her favorites are “Count Your Bananas”, and “I’ll Swing Away”. Charlotte is very interested in the environment and wants others to love our beautiful world as much as she does. Did you know that turning off the tap when you brush your teeth can save as much as eight gallons of water a day? Well Charlotte knew it and she’ll be happy to tell you more.


Fiona Daphne Worcester came to us just this year as our camp counselor in “Road, River, Rock.” She just can never fully understand why children don’t understand what she means when she tells them to sit on their “bum” or to put the picnic basket in the car’s “boot”.

Dr Eddie

Dr. Edistein Pascalileo is a beautiful hermit crab who is too smart for his own good. He often misplaces his lovely shell and is often found living in giant peach cans, cardboard boxes, trash bins and suitcases. Who has time for worrying about your living arrangements when you’re busy solving the mysteries of the universe?