Shows for Any Audience

School Shows

Nancy Burks Worcester is a successful author and children’s performer who has performed at school assemblies across the country.
With shows that focus on bullying, test preparation, literacy, drug awareness, character building, and fire prevention, Nancy is a popular performer for school assemblies.


As a children’s performer who has been a part of public library summer reading programs for years, Nancy knows how to connect to children.
She weaves storytelling and ventriloquism together in a dynamic way that motivates kids to read, teaches them about values and morals, and helps them get in touch with their creativity and drive to learn.

Church and adult Groups

For Adult Groups:
Nancy Worcester has an awesome testimony about the strength of God during times of need due to being widowed at 45. With two teenagers to raise and only her skill as a ventriloquist to depend upon, she has proven her great-grandmother’s adage that a woman must have “sturdy shoes” to travel to her own place in the world.

For Church Groups:
Helping people hear the Good News in a memorable and exciting way. Nancy provides fun for the whole family while speaking from the heart or from the pulpit or both! Nancy and Her Friends bring you and YOUR friends the old, OLD story in a new way.

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Corporate functions

senior citizen groups

Daycare centers